среда, 30 декабря 2009 г.

2 сovers from Poland

On the 28-th and 30-th I got these nice covers fro Poland. The first registered one represents many stamps concluding 2 devoted to the European Woman Volleyball championship and  European Man Basketball Championship. I've not fot sport stamps from the Beijing Olympiad, so I was really glad to supplement my sport topic! The other stamp on this cover is devoted to the 20 anniversary of the forming of the first goverment in non-communistic Poland. It was a very imporstant event for that country since it gave rise of a new democratic Poland.

The other cover's mini sheet is also devoted to a very important event in Polish history - the Outbreak of the Warsaw uprising, which took place in 1944 and was directed against fasсism occupation in order to show the world and themself that "Poland has not yet perished"  (a line from the Polish hymn). 

Historic events is one of my favourite topics, so I was looking forward to these stamp and was really glad to get them!

Thank you, Andrzej! 


Poczta Polska accompanies all of the numerous major sporting events in Poland, an example of which is the postage stamp issued on account of the 26th European Championship in Women's Volleyball. Between 25 September and 4 October matches took place in Łódź, Katowice, Bydgoszcz and Wrocław with the participation of 16 among the best European national teams. Like 2 years ago, the Italian team won the gold medal beating Holland 3:0. Polish volleyball fans also had reasons for joy as the Polish team took 3rd place.

EuroBasket 2009 

European Championships in men's basketball are held every two years. Poland hosted the competitions once in 1963 (in the city of Wrocław), and again this year between 7 and 20 September, with matches in several cities throughout the country ( Katowice, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Wrocław, Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk). In the final match the Spanish team beat the representation of Serbia. This year's championships were assessed very well by both the participants and FIBA Europe (the International Basketball Federation). 

New postage stamp and First Day Cover 

On account of the EuroBasket 2009 championships Poczta Polska issued a stamp with a First Day Cover featuring a motif of a ball tossed into the basket. The stamps were printed on sheets of 12 pieces, each sheet containing the title of the issue and an inscription reading "BASKETFIL International Philatelic Exhibition Poznań 2009". The issue is accompanied by an occasional date stamp, in use in the Poznań 1 Post Office.


12 September 2009 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the forming of the first non-communist government brought into being as a consequence of the June Elections in 1989. The events, which made that happen, were initiated by the strikes of the shipyard workers which ended up establishing "Solidarity" and signing the August Agreement with the communistic authorities. They were followed by the martial law and the Round Table deciding to hold first free elections to the Sejm and Senate.


This year witnesses the 65th anniversary of the great patriotic spurt of Polish people, mainly dwellers of Warsaw, which was aimed at the German occupant. This liberating fight initiated and managed by the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK) and joined also by other underground organizations was widely supported by the civil population of the capital city and intended to remind the world that the heart of our homeland still beats, that "Poland has not yet perished". The important role in this national outbreak was played by children and youth along with their older colleagues to which people of Warsaw pay homage every year in the insurgent quarter at the Powązki Cemetery

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