среда, 24 марта 2010 г.

Cover from Poland

On the 23-rd of March after a month of traveling I got this cover from Poland. This time it was devoted to the lost works of art. It's well-known that during many wars some works of art could be stolen or lost. And that also happened during the WWII. On the souvenir sheet you can see the pictures of A. Durer, P. P. Rubens, Rembrandt which were  lost from Polish museums and libraries during WWII. Of course, it's not all of them, but still it's a way to attract attention to this important problems for national heritage of every country! 

Cover + card from USA

Another nice and unexpected cover I got via postcrossing. This time it was the stamp, devoted to the Olympiad in Vancouver! My second one!  And take a look at the card! It's a reproduction of the pictures of the painter! Now I have this signed! It really will be a special one! Thank you very much, Lindy!

суббота, 13 марта 2010 г.

Cover from Slovenia

On the 9-th of March after 32 days of traveling I got my next just awesome cover from Slovenia. There are exactly the stamps I do like!

First there is a souvenir sheet, devoted to the Saving of Polar regions. This year many countries have such stamps and, as I collect ecology stamps, I'm looking forward to get them, unfortunately, in many cases they are rather expensive! :(( So I'm really glad to get the Slovenian issue!

Then there is the second stamp from 2009 Europa issue! No need to say that it was also the stamps I was looking for!

And the last issue - 2010 Olympic Games! My first one! I'll be trying to collect much more than 1!

Thank you so much, Kristijan! 

FDC from Austria

On the 3-rd of March after 34 days of traveling I got this nice FDC, showing the old town of Saltzburg. Thank you very much, Florian!