четверг, 17 декабря 2009 г.

Cover from Spain

On the 16-th of December after 13 days of travelling I got this letter from Spain. There were 2 Europa 2006 Spanish  stamps, devoted to the topic "Integration". Of course I was really glad to get it for my europa collection is enlarging and the stamp on the cover is very interesting for me as well. It celebrates the 60 anniversary of The Counsil of Europe. Thank you  very much, Jose Luis! 

On occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe, Correos issues a commemorative stamp depicting the logo of this public institution with the inscription 60 years 2009. 

In 1949, ten countries signed the Treaty of London establishing the Council of Europe. In article 1 of its Statute it states its aim to “achieve a greater unity between its members and to promote awareness and encourage the development of Europe's cultural identity and diversity and to favour its economic and social progress.” 

60 years after its foundation, The Council of Europe has a genuine pan-European dimension with 47 members, representing 800 million citizens and 5 observer countries: the Holy See, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. Its headquarters are in Strasbourg and its aims are to protect human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law, to promote awareness and encourage the development of Europe's cultural identity and diversity, to find common solutions to the challenges facing European society: such as discrimination against minorities, xenophobia, intolerance, terrorism, trafficking in human beings, organised crime and to consolidate democratic stability in Europe by backing political, legislative and constitutional reform.

The logo is the Council of Europe's own distinctive sign and was adopted in May 1999. The Council shares the flag, twelve golden stars on a blue background, with the European Union and the prelude to the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony as the European anthem.


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