воскресенье, 28 февраля 2010 г.

Cover from Canada.

On the 27-th of February after 33 days (no comment!) of traveling I got this nice cover.

This time there is a stamp, devoted to a very serious topic - mental health. It helps The Canadian Post Found for mental health to collect money for its needs. Every time when a person byus this stamp, he donates 10c to this found. It helps the ordinary people of the Canadian society to support the persons which are really in need by coming true civil initiations without applying to the government.  In my opinion it's the most efficient way! 

The other stamp is devoted to the 100-th anniversary of Montreal Canadiens sport club.

Thank you very much, Chris!

суббота, 20 февраля 2010 г.

Card from China

On the 19-th of February after 30 days (the whole month! *(( ) of traveling I got this card via postcrossing project. I rarely got nice stamps using this project, but that was this case! Unfortunately, the Chinese philatelic page was unavailable, so I can just assume that these are the creations of Chinese cultural heritage. Just look at this amazing flower decorated, playing background! Unfortunately, the card wasn't signed, so just thank you a person from China!  

Cover from Spain

On the 19-th of February, after 27 days of traveling I got this amazing cover from Spain which I was looking forward to! There are the stamps  from my favorite topics: Europa and science. Europa stamps was issued in 2007 when the topic was scout movement. The science stamps are devoted to botanics and genetics. These fields of natural science are very important for our everyday life, even though we have been already used to their achievements and don't pay attention to them. I found a very good description of it on the Spanish post service page:

Botany or Phytology, is the study of plant life and their development. For a long time it has been used for the description, classification and use of vegetable species. It was Theophrastus (300 B.C.) who wrote the first two botanical treaties which constitute the most important contribution to botanical science during Antiquity and on into the Middle Ages. In the XVI century, the great explorers brought to Europe many species which were gathered in treaties and catalogues by Andrea Célaspin and Gaspar Bauhin who classified 6.000 plant species in natural groups. Years later, new discoveries on the anatomy and physiology of plants and the complex phenomenon of photosynthesis were made. Botany is divided into different subdisciplines such as anatomy, physiology, cytology and phytopathology. Botany is also applied to the pharmaceutical industry since many medical drugs come directly from the plant kingdom, for example aspirin is based on the pain killer salicylic acid which originally came from the bark of willow trees. Many natural materials, such as cotton, wood, paper, linen, rope, and rubber also come from the plant kingdom.

Genetics, a discipline of biology, is the science of heredity and variation in living organisms and the way human inherit traits from their parents. Genes correspond to regions within DNA, a molecule composed of a chain of four different types of nucleotides. The sequence of these nucleotides is the genetic information organisms inherit. The first investigations in Genetics were made by Gregor Mendel in 1865 (The Mendel Laws) . In 1990 the Human Genome Project was set up to study the sequence of the human genome which was essentially completed in 2003. Scientists have discovered a large number of genes that play important roles in human diseases, thus leading the way to the manufacture of medical drugs to fight them. Research on human genetics will enable scientists to develop an individual approach to preventive medicine. 

Thank you very much, David!

Cover from Ukraine

On the 8-th of February after 14 days of traveling I got my first cover from the Ukraine. It was the stamps devoted to the Ukrainian folklore songs. Thank you very much, Valeriy! 

Сover from Italy.

On the 9-th of February after 15 days of traveling I  got this cover from Italy. It's devoted to a very serious topic - fire preventing. Much forest ares disappear every year because of that reason every year. It's necessary to take appropriate measures to save our "Earth lungs"! This stamp will be a good edition to my ecology topic! Thank you very much, Lorenzo! 

At the top is a lush, green natural landscape with a deer peeking out from it; at the bottom is the same landscape after the fire.
The words “PREVENZIONE E LOTTA CONTRO GLI INCENDI” (preventing and fighting fires), “ITALIA”, and the denomination “€ 0,60” complete the stamp

воскресенье, 7 февраля 2010 г.

Cover from Poland

On the 6-th of February, after 18 days of traveling I got this nice cover. It celebrates the 150-th anniversary of the first Polish stamp issue.

There is  yet no information about the stamp on the official page, so I'll try to translate by myself. On the stamp you can see a fragment of the letter which was sent from Kalwaria to Warsaw on the 28-th of May 1860. On the top of the stamp you can see the addressee's building, e.g. The Bank of Warsaw in 1860. 

Our post also issued a stamp, devoted to the 150-th anniversary of the Russian  first stamp, so the cover will be a good edition of my collection.

Thank you very much, Andrzej!

Cover from Hungary

On the 6-th of February i got my first cover from Hungary. Even though the cover is canceled on the 20-th of January, the person who sent me told that he had posted it at the beginning of January.  I was really glad to get it, since I've been waiting forward to it and it enlarges my Europa cept collection! Thank you very much, Antal!

Cover from Malaysia

On the 30-th of January I got my first cover from Malaysia. The post was working really disgusting during the whole January, so it took 35 days for the letter to be delivered (( There were some nice stamps inside it. They all are devoted to one of my favorite and a very important topic - ecology - you can see by yourself. Thank you, Kow Siew!