среда, 27 октября 2010 г.

FDS from Slovenia

At the same time I got the previous cover, I got this amazing FDC. This time it's Euro cept 2010. I'm a huge fun of this series so it was a very special FDC for me!

Thank you very much, Kristijan!

Cover from Slovenia

On the 10-th of October just after 3(!!!) days of traveling (still can't believe it!) I got this nice package from Slovenia. 

There are 2 sets of stamps: first is devoted to the World Football Championship which took place in the South Africa this summer and the second one is devoted to the World Basketball Championship.  I'm not a big fun of these kinds of sports, so I can't tell a lot about them but I still think that they were very important worldwide events which with no doubt deserve to be devoted to! 

And the other stamp is from Euro cept series 2009. I lost this stamp, so Kristjan kindly sent me another one.

Thank you very much, Kristijan!


Cover from Brazil

Now let me tell you about this nice cover from Brazil which I got this spring. 

There are 2 nice stamps which I wanted to get. First is devoted to Louis Braille - the inventor of the graphics for blind people. I've already written about this kind of stamps and have them in my collection, but I'm still glad to receive such stamps! The other stamps celebrate the first flight of a  Brazilian man (Cel. Marcos Pontes) to space in a Soyuz rocket with the Spacial Russian Agency.

Thank you very much, Ricardo!   

воскресенье, 17 октября 2010 г.

Cover from Poland

On the 14-th of August after 20 days of traveling I got this amazing FDC from Poland. It was devoted to the 600-th anniversary of the Grünewald Battle. This historic events took place on the 14-th of July 1410 in Germany and was a fight between the Order of crusaders under the  leadership of Ulrich von Jungingen and the united troops of several East European peoples: Polish, Lithuanians, Russians and Czech under the leadership of Władysław II Jagiełła. 

On the stamp you can see the picture of J. Matejko "Bitwa pod Grunwaldem" (The Grünewald Battle) painted in 1878 and which is located in the Polish National Museum - Warsaw.

Thank you very much, Andrzej!\ 

Cover from Poland

On the 1-st of June after 10 days of traveling I got this beautiful cover with souvenir sheet from Poland. It celebrates the International Philatelic Exhibition "Portugal 2010". I myself have never taken part in such events, but I do hope I will one time since I consider them a very important event which help people, which are interested in philately to get to know each other, to communicate and to find out new interesting things!

Thank you, Andrzej! 

Cover from Croatia

On the 18-th of May after 31 days of traveling I got this long-awaited cover from Croatia. As you can see, it's another one from Europa series. I;m always glad to get new Europa stamps!

Thank you very much, Dragan!!!!

понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

FDC from Hong Kong

On the 21-st of May after 24 days of traveling I got this FDC from Hong Kong. It''s devoted to the Hong Kong''s participation in Expo 2010 which took place in Shaghai China. The stamp shows us the Hong Kong''s unlimited potential in development.

Thank you, Brian!


Cover from Croatia

On the 10-th of June after 34 days of traveling I got this cover from Croatia. The stamps are devoted to the anniversaries of several things such as: 1) Franciscan church 2)FRANCISCAN ORDER 3) St. MARTIN’S HERMIT CHAPEL.

You can find more information about this events on the official page of the Croatian post. The page is just amazing - it provides us a lot information on the tamps! Here it is:




Thank you very much, Josip!