понедельник, 9 февраля 2009 г.

New Russian stamp Saratov region

Saratov region is the subject of the Russian Federation, is a part of Privolzhsk federal district. It was formed on December, 5th, 1936 by transformation of Saratov Territory. The administrative centre of the region is Saratov city. Stamp represents: bridge of Saratov - automobile bridge over the river Volga, connecting right bank of the river, where Saratov is situated, and the left coast, where Engels city is located. It was constructed in 1965, its length reaches 2803,7 metres; trolley bus model (manufacture of Joint-Stock Company "TrolZa" factory).

These region stamps were issued on the January 17-th 2009 as a continuation of the region seria started in 1997. For now Russian Federation consist of 83 regions, so there should be one stamp devoted to each of them. I myself unfortunately won't get them all sine I started to collect the seria from 2005.

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