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Cover from Hungary

On the 1-st of April after 51 days of traveling (just like from Brazil) I got this cover from Hungary. It celebrates the 100-th anniversary of the Louis Blériot's flight across the La Manche who did it for the first time ever! It was a great event in aviation and in the world  history for sure! The other stamp is devoted to the Hungarian aviation history, showing the Kisrákos aviation exhibition during which an aeroplane took off the Hungary land for the first time. 

More information about the stamp: 

100 years ago, on 25 July 1909, the French engineer and constructor Louis Blériot (1872–1936) flew the 37 km across the English Channel between Dover and Calais in 36 minutes. In the same year, on 17 October, he also held a display in Hungary. This was the first time that an aeroplane took off in Hungary.
The first reports of the work of Hungarian aeromodellers come from the time of the first engine-powered flight (1903). However, Blériot’s flight in 1909 was a real breakthrough, inspiring the foundation of the first aeromodel clubs in Hungary. So 1909 is considered as the start of organised Hungarian aeromodelling. (Source: http://hu.wikipedia.org, http://www.dvmk.hu/tortenelem.php?magy)

One of the denominations of the pair of stamps with a label shows the moment when Louis Blériot reached the English coast at Dover on the first flight across the Channel. The other stamp captures Blériot’s demonstration flight in a small Hungarian village, Kisrákos. The label between the stamps features a constructional drawing of Blériot’s aeroplane, which is intended to symbolise and document the 100 years of Hungarian aeromodelling. The first day cover depicts Blériot as a pilot, in the cockpit of his aeroplane, while on the special postmark there is a front view of his aeroplane’s constructional drawing. The preparation of the new pair of stamps was assisted by the Budapest Transport Museum.

Thank you very much, Antal! 

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