понедельник, 12 апреля 2010 г.

Cover from Czech Republic

On the 7-th of April after 29 days of traveling I got this awesome cover from Czech Republic. There are so many long-awaited stamps! Especially first right stamp which is devoted to two very important dates in modern Czech history. They are 1) The beginning of  the German occupation (17.11.1939), which also symbolizes the period of the strong battles. 2) The date of the Velvet Revolution (17.11.1989) - when the communist party lost its power and it was the beginning of a new epoch in this country. The next stamp is devoted to the 50 anniversary of European Council which was in 1999. And the last stamp is devoted to a very important topic - struggle against cancer. That is a disgusting and very danger disease and humanity has been trying to find a solve of it for many years. I do hope that there will be a better solution! We really need to attract attention to this problem and I think issuing of stamps is a way.    

Thank you very much, Milan! 


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