вторник, 12 января 2010 г.

Cover from Italy

On the 8-th of January after I don't know how many days of travelling (the stamps weren't cancelled, but still I think after a long time of travelling for the letter was dated by the 13-th of Dec) I got the next cover from Italy, devoted to the series "made in Italy" Isn't it beautiful? 

A yellow gold and platinum necklace with amethysts, turquoise stones, emeralds and diamonds, created by BVLGARI in 1965 and belonging to the BVLGARI Vintage Collection; at the top in the middle is the firm’s trademark.
The words “MADE IN ITALY“, “125 ANNI” (125 years), “ITALIA”, and the denomination “€ 0,60” complete the stamp.

Thank you, Lorenzo!

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