среда, 4 марта 2009 г.

Some Russian europa stamps

These are some Russian europa cept stamps I bought in Moscow last autumn.

1) 2002. Circus.
The stamp features various amusements in the circus, such as jugglery, animal training, air acrobatics and clownery.

2) 2003. Poster art. "A first step for a cookie"
People know poster art from time immemorial. It was widely used in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome for information about performances and commercial transactions. Illustrative posters appeared in 1830 and were black-and-white at first. Posters turned over a new leaf only in the late 19th century. Actually, it was in this period that the word "poster" occured. The Russian word "плакат (plakat)" is the analog of the German "das plakat". In France the word "affish" word has become naturalized, in England and the USA the word "poster" is used, which is derived from the word "post". They say that in these countries such sheets were posted up near populous post stations. The stamp features a poster by an unknown painter created in Russia in the early 20th century.

3) 2005. Gastronomy
“Bread and salt!” – guests are welcomed in Russia with these words for centuries. Both in old times and nowadays various delicious are put on the table and pancakes with caviar have been commonly served to feasts for many centuries.

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