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On the 25-th of May after 11 days of travelling I got this fauna cover from Poland. thank you, Andrzej

The World through the Lens

Tomasz Gudzowaty (born in 1971) is one of the best and most prominent Polish photographers in the world. Although Gudzowaty is a trained lawyer, it is the photographer's passion that earns him recognition. His works have been repeatedly awarded in the world's most prestigious contests such as World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism. How do such unforgettable photographs come into being? Their author explains: "When I take a picture I aim at making it impress itself upon the (viewer's) memory, I want it to be touching and do justice to the ambience of place in which it is taken...". Tomasz Gudzowaty starts out as a photographer of nature. The period of the interest in nature results in creation of such photo cycles as, among others, "Paradise Crossing", a photo essay showing the migration of huge herds of antelopes, gnus, zebras, which as every year, have to ford the Mara river snaking across the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. This is the moment crocodiles wait for. Their teeth and the river's current contribute to the death of thousands of the animals. Nonetheless, there is nothing that can stop this annual ritual from taking place. The white-and-black photographs present a resplendent but brutal world of African fauna. The struggle for survival, reliance between predators and their prey become everyday illustration of this world. 
After years, Gudzowaty's main focus shifts to sport. Yet, it is not typical sport but exotic one that attracts his interest. The photographer creates outstanding cycles presenting Shaolin monks performing exercises, training Hindu yogis, classes in a Chinese acrobatic school, Indian female boxers or Mongolian children taking part in traditional equestrian competitions Naadam. Co-author of several of the cycles is Hungarian photographer Judit Berekai with whom Gudzowaty has been working since 2004.

New stamps and envelopes on First Day Cover (FDC)

Poczta Polska by publishing a four stamp series entitled "Animals of Africa" makes use of Tomasz Gudzowaty's ingenious photographs that represent cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, gnus and elephants. The photographs that appear on the stamps and FDC envelopes were taken in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana during 1998-1999. Two of them "First Lesson of Killing" (stamp's nominal value PLN 1.55) and "Paradise Crossing" (stamp's nominal value PLN 2.40) have been awarded in the World Press Photo contest. The publication is accompanied by an occasional date stamp, to be used in Warsaw 1 Post Office.

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