вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

New Russian Europa stamps.

On the 5-th of May our posy issued a new Europa stamp, devoted to Astronomy. I've got no Europa 2009 stamps yet, so this will be my first one. It should reach Astrakhan in a week, so I'm looking forward to it!

In 2009 "astronomy" became a theme of traditional annual issue, organized by Association of the state post operators of Europe (PostEurope). The principal reason was that this year has been declared as the International year of astronomy (IYA2009) by the Association for the United Nations. In 1609 Italian astronomer Galileo Galiley for the first time looked in telescope, having begun modern astronomy. Nowadays the primary goals of astronomy are studying and explanation of apparent motions of heavenly bodies, finding of laws and reasons of these movements, studying of heavenly bodies structure, their physical and chemical properties, construction of models of their internal structure, solving problems of origin and development of heavenly bodies and their systems, studying of the most general properties of the Universe, construction of theory of observable part of the Universe ? Metagalaxies. Stamp represents Terskolsk observatory of the Institute of astronomy of Russian academy of science and on armillary sphere against the background with Big Dipper concellation.

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