суббота, 4 апреля 2009 г.

New Russian stamps. 200 years of birth of N.V. Gogol

On the 1-st of April - in exactly date of the N.V. Gogol's birth our post issued 2 new stamps, devoted to this outstanding event. 

Nikolay Vasilevich Gogol (1809-1852) is the great Russian prose writer, playwright, critic who opened new epoch in Russian literature in due time. He opened new literary epoch in Russia. Everything in creativity of writer distinguished him from predecessors: singularity of the maintenance, brightness of types, lambent humour and, of course, his amazing language – laconic and well-aimed. "Auditor", «Dead souls», "Viy", «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka» and Gogol's other products are deeply poetical and original. «Lie in art, lie in science and lie in life, - wrote Nikolay Vasilevich in declining years, - were always both my enemies, and my torturers: everywhere I pursued them, and everywhere they pursued me». Souvenir sheet represents N.V.Gogol's portrait of F.A.Moller's brush (1840th) and a still-life, symbolizing creative nature of writer.

N.V. Gogol is my favourite Russian classic writer. I really like his very own style of writing when he combinates russian words with ukrainians, also his great sense of humor and just amazing nature descriptions! This writer is well known in the Ukraine because he was born there, lived there for a long time and wrote about this country. I hope that this celebration will comtinue to be one from many cultural bridges between our countries for a long time!

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