вторник, 23 ноября 2010 г.

FDC from Portugal

On the 20-th of October after 10 days of traveling I got this nice FDC from Luis (Portugal). Unfortunately, the English version of the Portuguese post page is  under construction, so I couldn't find any information about the stamp which I can understand. As far as I can guess, it's devoted to the 100-th anniversary of the republican form of government. 

Thank you very much, Luis!

Cover from Poland

On the 20-th of November after 8 days of traveling I got this nice cover from Poland, Nowy Sącz. It's devoted to the 100-th anniversary of the creating of the sport club Widzew Łódź.

Thank you very much, Andrzej!

Cover from Croatia

On the 17-th of November after just 9 days of traveling I got another cover from Croatia. This time there is a series devoted to the light houses. Here is the description:

Zagreb, September 7, 2010 – Croatian Post has released today three new commemorative postage stamps from the “Lighthouses” series – Tajer, Vir and Veli rat. The face value of the stamps is HRK 3, 10. The authors of the stamps are Orsat Franković and Ivana Vučić, designers from Zagreb, while the author of the photographs is Andrija Carli, a photographer from Split. The stamps are printed in 100 000 copies per motif, in 10-stamp sheets.

One could say that lighthouses are buildings situated on the coast which aid ships in navigation. But, lighthouses are much more than that. Very few buildings have managed to capture the attention of people from all over the world by their beauty and charm as lighthouses have. Today, lighthouses still serve their purpose, but have at the same time become a favored tourist destination, while many took up photographing lighthouses as a hobby. One of them is Andrija Carli and three of his photographs served as the motif for new postage stamps from the very successful and popular series „Lighthouses“. This year Croatian Post’s stamps depict the lighthouses Tajer, Vir and Veli rat.

The tower of the lighthouse Tajer is connected to the main building by a unique stone bridge, and owing to its distinguishable red and white stripes it has become a tourist symbol of the surrounding archipelago.

The legend of a hidden treasure somewhere near the lighthouse Vir captured the imagination of many treasure seekers. During the 20th century, children of the lighthouse keepers, while playing on the beach, sometimes found gold coins and even a valuable necklace once.

Veli rat is considered to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the whole Mediterranean. Besides its beauty, it is also very interesting to tourists because they can rent it out and spend their vacation there, as in many other lighthouses on the Adriatic coast, and enjoy the unique peace and atmosphere a lighthouse has to offer.

Croatian Post has to date issued twelve stamps altogether in the “Lighthouses” series, started in 2007, and the interest for them has been growing ever since.

Another stamp with the beautiful ethnic tracery represents CROATIAN ETHNOGRAPHIC HERITAGE - Međimurje.

Thank you very much, Josip!


Cover from Bosnia and Hercegovina

On the 8-th of November I got my first cover from the ex-Yugoslavian republic - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about the stamps, because at first I'm not sure if they are Bosnian since it's written on Cyrillic and says that it's Republica Serpska and the Serbian Post web page is unavailable. But as far as I understood, the first stamp on the lefet is devoted to the contemporary Serbian art, it's a picture "Zebil'eeva street" by B. Shoshra. the other stamp represents the Grachanitsa monastery in Serbia.

Thank you very much, Nebojsa! 


среда, 27 октября 2010 г.

FDS from Slovenia

At the same time I got the previous cover, I got this amazing FDC. This time it's Euro cept 2010. I'm a huge fun of this series so it was a very special FDC for me!

Thank you very much, Kristijan!

Cover from Slovenia

On the 10-th of October just after 3(!!!) days of traveling (still can't believe it!) I got this nice package from Slovenia. 

There are 2 sets of stamps: first is devoted to the World Football Championship which took place in the South Africa this summer and the second one is devoted to the World Basketball Championship.  I'm not a big fun of these kinds of sports, so I can't tell a lot about them but I still think that they were very important worldwide events which with no doubt deserve to be devoted to! 

And the other stamp is from Euro cept series 2009. I lost this stamp, so Kristjan kindly sent me another one.

Thank you very much, Kristijan!


Cover from Brazil

Now let me tell you about this nice cover from Brazil which I got this spring. 

There are 2 nice stamps which I wanted to get. First is devoted to Louis Braille - the inventor of the graphics for blind people. I've already written about this kind of stamps and have them in my collection, but I'm still glad to receive such stamps! The other stamps celebrate the first flight of a  Brazilian man (Cel. Marcos Pontes) to space in a Soyuz rocket with the Spacial Russian Agency.

Thank you very much, Ricardo!